Did the prince Charles letters reveal Climate propagandising ?

July 12, 2015

I didn’t hear much about it ..I’ll have to check
I just listened to the BBC docu recorded before the “black spider” letters to ministers were released

found just 1 mention so far

“Charles also wrote to Blair in February 2005 with advice on how to build public support for taking steps to combat climate change — another sensitive issue with political overtones.”

– 2 batches have been released, but could it be that soft ones are been released and harder ones are being held back ?

jobs for the girls ?

the Documentary of the Week Susan Calman finds out why our feline overlords rule cyberspace


Daniel Dennet’s Rules for Criticsm

July 12, 2015
  1. Restate your targets case – superbly
  2. Mention what you agree on
  3. Anything you have learned from them

… That way your target will listen to you
..avoids caricaturing other side

…. from his 2014 CFI interview
Unfortunately although CFI has admirable aims of skepticsm, we agree that’s a good thing, and we have learned lots from them ..it has been hijacked from inside by people who have a simplistic view of the world, that instead of full color thinking , they divide it into the black/white ..left vs right and caricature the right as always wrong.

Sturgeon’s Law : 90% of everything is crap ..so don’t waste you time criticising the crap
..not sure I agree with that.

I thought I’d already put notes on my website but doesn’t look so.

Everything is on www.stewgreen.com 800 + pages,

May 15, 2015

Wow actually I never use this blog… everything is on www.stewgreen.com 800 + pages,
March 2012, June 2013
..there’s more on my OLD website http://www.reocities.com/stewgreen

(I have worked in the internet business since 1995)

The internet has been hijacked by middlemen

December 27, 2005

Wow actually I never use this blog everything is on www.stewgreen.com 800 + pages,  March 2012, June 2013
..there’s more on my OLD website http://www.reocities.com/stewgreen

Title: The internet has been hijacked by middlemen
Index terms : website, search engine, hostels in Panama city, spanish school, backpackers, search engine rankings
The internet has been hijacked by middlemen. We run a tourist hostel in Panama City, Panama called Anita’s Inn, so we have a website http://www.hostelspanama.com so we can tell customers about our hostel So we expect our customers to be able to find us through search engines, but there is a big problem … We have competition so we don’t always expect to be number 1 in the rankings, but now the first 20 places in the list are taken by people who don’t have a hostel business in Panama at all. They are all middlemen and agencies, who specialise in building sites which are tuned to get high in the rankings, they make multiple copies of their sites under different names, then they charge our customers to make a reservations with us and take a hefty commission. Their websites seem to provide 1or 2 extra services, but really they are more of a hinderance as the backpacker ends us paying more when they could so easily book directly with us.
It’s the equivalent of people standing in front of your shop doorway and blocking the way, saying they’ll take your money and take you into the same shop.
The same is true for our Spanish school http://www.spanishpanama.com clients have to battle through loads of agencies before they get to us. In fact for customers it’s even worse as the agencies direct them to more expensive schools in other countries who are paying fat commissions. So the customer ends up paying more.
What can genuine companies do to help customers get in touch directly with them the supplier ?
Anyone who can offer a solution can email us info@hostelspanama.com
Other news stories
– spanish panama weekly newsletter
Spanish package launched
– Expat Section lauched
Part2 If you are not in the top 3 then you’ll get nothing
Search engine notes
1- of course you don’t get any customers from Google, if you are not in the top 3 then you’ll get nothing
It’s difficult to see how to knock a site out of the top 3. Once you are king you are king !
In the long run Google will have to get better to weed out the middlemen if a customer wants a hostel in Panama he sees directly the supplier.
3. Google Mapping tool
When I used the Google Mapping tool I found some strange things : it was saying there were no external links to a site when there clearly were and it missed lots of pages.
1. When I asked it to list the external site linking to the website for Hostel  Panama it lists none, but I know there at least 2 as it’s linked from SpanishPanama.com on the frontpage and from one of the hostelworld sites. This is a serious problem  GOOgle is supposed to rank sites – a well linked site is ranked higher. (now I guess a link is only counted if it links to the root not a specific file – http://www.spanishpanama.com counts, but  http://www.spanishpanama.com/index.html note
1. When I clicked to show the list of pages on a website the list was incomplete. For my geocities site it seemed to only identify the pages linked from the main homepage. The way I thought Google is supposed to work is their spider program scans each page and clicks on the first link, follows it indexes that data follows all those links indexes them, then back to the original page follows the next link etc ..so that it scans every page. I know that it has problems following links written in java, but it should have no problem following normal links. Then I noticed a href=”links.htm” mce_href=”links.htm”  , but a href=”links.htm” mce_href=”links.htm” target=”new” isn’t
So that’s how it missed a couple of pages on SP site.
My own website got so big I had to sectionalise it so my frontpage links go to the sections books, drama, travel etc. So google lists my booksection page, but fails to list all the book review files I have.  My site is on   Geocities.com and they use a lot of java and frames so that might explain it not indexing properly.
For Spanishpanama.com one page Google missed was the link page. The big problem here is cos GOOgle is supposed to rank sites – a well linked site is ranked higher, but it’s not finding the links.
I fixed this by setting up a site map page for the google Spider to read
Why do Googles Stats on most common search term to enter sites disagree with our own from Godaddy’s  ?

..there’s more on my website http://www.geocities.com/stewgreen