RealWorld/GreenFantasyWorld : Newsweeks lies about solar

“Europe’s under-exploited solar industry is about to experience a new dawn
By Rory Ross 7/8/15 at 1:05 PM”

Haha it then contains “China wants to double world solar energy production within two years. Hanergy, the world’s largest thin-film solar power company based in Beijing, is doing its bit by supplying IKEA, which has installed 700,000 solar panels worldwide.” ..em that’s Hanergy the virtually bankrupt corp whose shares are still suspended after 6 weeks

The only good thing about the article is David Bergeron‘s comment

Image milk producers can make and sell milk profitably at $3/gal. Now image a new ‘green’ ‘organic’ company can make milk for $12/gal, but claims it is better for the environment. Almost no one buys the $12 milk, so the green milk producers go to the government and are granted special favors (subsidies) so they can sell their $12 milk for $2.95. So people start buying it. It also makes the people feel good about buying “green” milk. But the real cost is $12 and the $9 subsidy is hidden in taxes and fees so the general public does not know the real cost is $12. THIS IS SOLAR ENERGY.

Now image a part of the subsidy for the green milk is put on real milk, so the price of real milk starts to go up. Now the green milk people say, look at the price of milk, is it going up, you better hurry and buy our green milk and save money. THIS IS SOLAR ENERGY.

The more green milk we buy the higher the price milk becomes and we are all worse off. We can all afford less milk. Our standard of living is diminished. THIS IS SOLAR ENERGY.

Now image a careful analysis of the green milk industry reveals the money spent reducing CO2 with green milk was actually a very poor investment. Green milk saves CO2 at a cost of $120/ton, but carbon credits trade in Europe for $5-$10/ton. So every dollar we spend on green milk could have produced about 10X more CO2 savings had it been spend more wisely. THIS IS SOLAR ENERGY.

LCOE of solar ~ 12 cents/kWh (DOD EIA Report), marginal operating cost of traditional plants, ~ 3 cents/kwh (Same report). (That is a proper apples to apples comparison)

Cost to mitigate CO2: solar ~ $120 to $200/ton. Carbon credits trade in the EU for $5-$10/ton.

Solar energy is a political solution, not a real solution.

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