That Toronto Star story

There is a torrent of Green Religion disinformation, everyday half the story all the time.
Friday it was Porter’s fabricated story, today it’s the BBCr4Today prog reporting
“Over the last 40 years we have lost 50% of the world’s wildlife”
a claim based on wacky WWF extrapolations for VERTEBRATES which @BBCmoreOrLess debunked 1 year ago
– Are Media Ec0-warriors lying or self deceiving ? both I guess.
I think it’s a perfect storm Noble Cause Corruption added to a media culture of fakery

#1 Distorted worldview  : RealWorld vs fictiousWorld ie GreenReligionFantasyWorlds.
In that Green issues are not as full colour complex as we see them, but more black and white  simple EMOTIONAL narratives
* Environment is perfect/catastrophe  * The Jesus of Green magic solutions *The Devil of rightwing bogeymen in the pay of BigOil
– All hat causes the Noble Cause corruption(NCC) mindset, which fuels to “End Justifies the Means EJM behaviour.

#2 The Fakery culture of the media, they get so used to faking to improve the story that they forget where the boundary to reality is.
As the BBC competitions scandals  showed it is often expeditious to fake things eg animal footage from months is edited to make the perfect story for 1 day.
.. So EJM behaviour is facilitated by that media  fakery culture. Thus we get Greenspun stories with opposition voices demonised and excluded .
Which I am calling Mummying Bias Not so much DramaQueening as DramaMummy-ing..coming from a ‘Mummy knows best’ mindset ..We know this is par for the course in the way that Climate/Green/Liberal issues are presented thru media like BBC, ABC, Guardian etc.
– That the heartfelt issues are so important and Mummy’s conspiracy theories of imagined powerful BogeyMen so strong that the Mummywriters feel they have to give “truth” a helping hand.

Bish puts its “Among the environmentally concerned, playing fast and loose with the actualité is seen as a tactic that delivers good results quickly and it’s easy to see why”

as Joel O’Bryan said Noble Cause corruption(NCC) mindset leads to “End Justifies the Means EJM behaviour.

– “I bet she believes it happened the way she wrote it up.” says @Slywolfe
Exactly and she’ll be able to find a ‘97% of cherrypicked small sample of scientists’ who also believe her version is true.

– I note the loaded emotive language she used : “right-wing bully”, “belittling”, “preparing to brawl with” , “The one doubter” …especially since Levant’s full video show those claims to be false.


– There’s RealWorld and there are fictiousWorlds particularly GreenReligionFantasyWorlds.
And what world do you get from Lie-beral media ? They’ll put anyone like their mates if they are ON MESSAGE.
..whereas most of the public will never get to see a nobel prize winner cos he’s OFF MESSAGE
Heres’s another for the Skeptics video channel Norweigen Ivar Giaever: Global Warming Revisited (2015) He knocks back all the main alarmist arguments ..intro via Climate Depot

Jul 11, 2015 at 5:52 AM | Registered Commenterstewgreen

or Maybe MummyBias or ParentalInstinct bias is a better expression to describe the way articles are automatically skewed in writing by the writers genuine emotional concern.
– With Green issues that emotional concern has 2 parts : There’s impending catastrophe / Green solutions are magic.


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