Surely there an quick test of whether Gobal warming causes Extreme weather

The narrative is that Global warming causes more extreme weather the climate system has more energy.

Surely there an quick test of whether Gobal warming causes Extreme weather
– What about the years in the past when volcano eruptions were so strong there wasn’t a global summer. I wonder if just after these colder years there were LESS extreme weather events due there being less energy in the climate system.

Hours Later the Naked scientists had an article about 16 volcano events spotted in ice cores, they found 15 match “no summer” years shown in tree rings.
– Other media report the angle that the research quantifies the temperature effects and  that this is proof volcanoes cause short term climate change. IBT,
(BTW Wikipedia says there were more extreme weather events in   cool year 535AD

The same prog had 2 more GreenBlob stories, in each the scientist seemed to be true-believers first who frame their research around that
#1 The Bumble bee story : basically claimed BBC seem to have moved away from southern extreme, but not moved further up noprmal extreme “as we’d expect from the warming climate”. Well since the measured temps are largely stable or fudged (as Paul Homewood claims) then that explains why they are not moving north
#2 Robot Taxis are going to massively improve vehicle emissions UPTO 94%. The researcher seemed to have a lot of wishful thinking, that even the  reporter from this “on message” show questioned .e.g. claimed robot drivers mean the vehicle is smaller

How could you check that ..only by waiting for warmer decades ?

Yesterday I was checking up on Greenpeace/UCS’s story  BigOil has a big climate denial campaign.. this turns out to be about a memo from 24 years ago 1991, they’s have you believe that a big report leaked and discovered by Gelbspan. but when you go to the actual document which has sat hidden on the Greenpeace servers for years you find that the 50 pages are not one report but a dossier and only Page 10 is the actual memo itself. It is unstamped whilst the rest of the 50 pages are stamped with ‘Information Council on the Environment” (ICE) or the mark of some other client. That plain 1 page memo  was a campaign proposal by opinion survey firm Cambridge Reports of Massachusetts. But alarmists make out it’s like page 1 of a big strategy document.
– Indeed That 1 page memo is quoted in NY Times 1991 July 8 Article<a href=””>Pro-Coal Ad Campaign Disputes Warming Idea By MATTHEW L. WALD</a> so it’s not true to say it was discovered by Gelbspan
“A packet of internal correspondence and other information relating to the campaign was provided to The New York Times by the Sierra Club 2014 article
Cheryl Varley , is BBC’s ‘social mobility executive’ and head of Raw a BBC  online TV channel. It made a series starring her son, one of his progs mainly featured her other sons record store. What is social mobility about ? Daily Mail
16 summers in last 2500 years


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