Brilliant ethics code, Pity the Toronto Star exempts GreenReligion from it

as Political Junkie observes
“Just this week, one study found that even if we manage to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius — the target for current climate negotiations — sea levels may still rise six metres above their current heights, drastically affecting millions of people and altering coastlines around the world.” (IPCC projections are typically way lower than this like 1m)

Nearly TEN THOUSAND ‘climate change’ articles in the last few years – this is typical.

The Star has a policy to misinform. When sufficiently alarmist, IPCC is their trusted go to source, but when AR5 results proved to be not scary enough – crickets. Not a word about the hiatus, failed models, inability to attribute extreme events, etc.
“All studies, but particularly health and science studies, should be based on peer-reviewed, reputable journals and should include independent comment. -” I wonder if they comply ?
from 2011 Toronto Star Newsroom Policy and Journalistic Standards Guide (which is brilliant)

– Some more quotes
“Truth emerges from free discussion and free reporting. An informed public
is essential to fostering and preserving Canada’s democratic society. ” ..have you got that Guardian and BBC ?
“With this right comes a responsibility for the media to be accurate, fair, honest and transparent.”

“Journalists who abuse the power of their professional roles for selfish motives or unworthy purposes are faithless to that public trust.”
“The Star is a forum for the free interchange of information and opinion. It should provide for the expression of disparate and conflicting views.”

“That good faith rests primarily on the reader’s confidence that what we print is true. Every effort must be made to ensure that everything published in the Star is accurate, presented in context, and that all sides are presented fairly.”

“..errors of fact, as well as errors of omission, should be corrected promptly and as prominently ..”
“There can be no compromise with accuracy”

(generally) “the Star does not unpublish content from our websites or archives, but does append corrections”
“Columnists .. not engage in personal axe-grinding ..”

One Response to “Brilliant ethics code, Pity the Toronto Star exempts GreenReligion from it”

  1. stewgreen Says:

    Political Junkie previously said
    \\I have tried and failed several times to get the toothless Ontario Press Council to take on the Star’s fact-free alarmist reporting.

    In the last few years they have published close to ten thousand (not a typo) global warming articles but haven’t yet noticed a ‘hiatus.’ They work incredibly hard to mislead readers and then cite opinion polls from the misinformed public as support for ‘urgent action’ by the government.

    I sent a note to John Cruickshank, the publisher with copies to the reporter Porter and Kathy English, the Star’s long suffering Public Editor:

    “Star gets GLOBAL RECOGNITION! Porter and English deserve raises”//
    he means : one for creating notoriety the other for defending the paper.

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