Daniel Dennet’s Rules for Criticsm

  1. Restate your targets case – superbly
  2. Mention what you agree on
  3. Anything you have learned from them

… That way your target will listen to you
..avoids caricaturing other side

…. from his 2014 CFI interview
Unfortunately although CFI has admirable aims of skepticsm, we agree that’s a good thing, and we have learned lots from them ..it has been hijacked from inside by people who have a simplistic view of the world, that instead of full color thinking , they divide it into the black/white ..left vs right and caricature the right as always wrong.

Sturgeon’s Law : 90% of everything is crap ..so don’t waste you time criticising the crap
..not sure I agree with that.

I thought I’d already put notes on my website but doesn’t look so.


One Response to “Daniel Dennet’s Rules for Criticsm”

  1. stewgreen Says:

    I like to keep my notes on my own website, but it takes time to do the formatting so I am way behind. So I experimenting with wordpress again

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